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What Patrons Say

Over the last four years, the graphic recording has become an integral part of the yearly Forum on the rights of the child. During the 2019 and 2020 edition we worked with the members of the visual thinkers community. The drawings attract the focus of the audience and are an attractive communication tool – they were used on Twitter a lot. They also summarise discussions and present main trends of the conversation. We find they contribute a lot to the reporting and the follow-up of the events. Highly recommended.

Marta KULJON, DG JUST (European Commission)

We worked with the graphic designer team at Visual Thinkers for the first Warm-up session of the EU Civil Protection Forum, which took place on 11 December 2020. Despite it being a hybrid event, the key moments and messages of the Forum were well embedded into the drawings, making it an excellent means of disseminating information to participants in the aftermath of our event. We highly recommend this approach as a fun, alternative communication tool.

Raluca MURG, DG ECHO (European Commission)