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EURegionsWeek 2021 partners meeting: graphic recording
Talk on Michel Serres' Great Story - Sketchnotes
Make the visible invisible with dataviz
One Year On Planet Pandemia
La lasagne institutionnelle de la santé en Belgique
Winners of EU datahon 2020
11 common mistakes in digital communication (digital sketchnotes)
Digital sketchnotes of Daniel's The Perfect Idea presentation
EURegionsWeek 2020: 3rd Partners meeting - Sketchnotes
Digital graphic recording of the INFORM-INIO online meeting, June 2020
There is no us without trust - Sketchnotes
Graphic recording of the INFORM-INIO meeting, Ghent, Belgium
Graphic recording at the 12th Forum on the rights of the child
Graphic Recording INFORM/INIO meeting in MAD, Brussels
Graphic Recording: TAXUD Day
Graphic recording of the INFORM/INIO meeting in Chania
Graphic Recording of the EC AoP Practitioners' gathering
Sketchnotes "Comprendre la colère"

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